2022 Trans Am Bike Race Heating Up Big Time!

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Every individual who enters the Trans Am Bike Race (TABR) has one goal. Finish! To complete an unsupported 4,200-mile race crossing ten states over five mountain ranges is for many a dream of a lifetime, including me. To win would be nothing short of incredible. And to win in record time…I couldn’t imagine what that would feel like. But this year. Kraig Pauli is on pace to surpass the record setting time of 16 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes held by Abdullah Zeinab in the 2019 race. As of today, June 13, 2022 Pauli has reached the half way point in Eads, Colorado about five hours ahead of Zeinab’s record setting pace three years ago.

Dot Watchers are tracking the racers as they make their way across America. While the racers (and dot watchers) are separated by hundreds, if not thousands of miles, technology has a way of making us all feel connected. Click to follow the race: http://trackleaders.com/transam22

Zeinab at the Yorktown Victory Monument in Yorktown, Virginia after winning the 2019 TABR in 16 days, 9 hours, and 56 minutes.
Pauli at the Yorktown Victory Monument after winning the 2021 TABR in 17 days, 8 hours, and 30 minutes. 2022 TABR finish? Only time will reveal the answer!
“I finished, therefore I won.” – excerpt from Forty to Finish-Cycling to Victory on the Trans America Bike Trail. That’s me at the Yorktown Victory Monument in 2019 finishing the race in 38 days, 7 hours, and ten minutes.
Everyone who enters the race dreams of taking a similar picture at the monument.

I’m telling my story racing across the United States in my upcoming book, Forty to Finish-Cycling to Victory on the Trans America Bike Trail. I’ll recount what’s it’s like to cycle under the Big Blue Montana sky, over the Rockies, and through the heartland all the while challenging myself to achieve something I never thought possible.

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