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Kristy (c) & Clay (r)- San Diego, CA (9.15.2018)

The Gang – Ocean Beach, CA (9.17.2018)

Tom, Dan, & Doug – Ocean Beach, CA (9.17.2018)

Alpine Campground, CA (9.18.2018)

Pine Valley, CA (9.19.2018)

Yuha Desert, CA (9.20.2018)

“This day started with anticipation-I would finally ride through the California desert.”

Imperial Valley, CA (9.20.2018)

Imperial Sand Dunes, Sonoran Desert, CA (9.21.2018)

Usery Mountain & Tonto National Forest, Mesa, AZ (9.28.2018)

Pat Tillman Statue – Tempe, AZ (9.26.2018)

Tillman Tunnel – ASU Stadium- Tempe, AZ (9.26.2018)

Yikes! – Departing Tempe, AZ (9.27.2018)

“The sunset was outdone only by the sunrise the next morning. I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and looked east and up to the sky that had started to lighten behind the mountains.”

Santa Rita Mountains & Open Pit Copper Mine, Hanover, NM (10.4.2018)

Kneeling Nun Explained (10.4.2018)

Kneeling Nun – Hanover, NM (10.4.2018)

Tonto Basin, AZ (9.28.2018)

Apache Reservation, AZ (9.29.2018)

Rio Grande Near El Paso, TX (10.7.2018)

“I looked toward the horizon on Highway 90 and cycled hard to reach the top of a hill, only to be deflated when I realized the road continued with no end in sight.  I rode to phantom crests all day!”

Southwest TX Near Sanderson, TX (10.14.2018)

Who Wore It Best? Bastrop, TX (10.24.2018)

Sunrise in Navasota, TX (10.26.2018)

Army Buddy, John – Austin, TX (10.22.2018)

Army Buddy, Carlos – Austin, TX (10.21.2018)

Campground – Van Horn, TX (10.10.2018)

” After dinner, we all watched the sunset for the first time in several days, a pleasant change from the never-ending grey skies that dominated the previous twelve days and nights…we woke up to a beautiful sunrise.”

Crossing the Mississippi River, Ventress, LA (11.2.2018)

Mobile Bay Ferry, Dauphin Island, AL (11.9.2018)

Impact of Hurricane Michael, Marianna, FL (11.14 .2018)

“It was a cool feeling thinking about and processing the notion that Tank (my bike) propelled me from the Pacific Ocean to the Mississippi River.”,

Map Meeting – Blackwater River State Park, FL (11.11.2018)

Ichetucknee Springs State Park, FL (11.17.2018)

Ichetucknee Springs State Park, FL (11.17.2018)

Suwannee River State Park, FL (11.16.2018)

Celebration Dinner! East Palatka, FL (11.19.2018)

The Finish! St. Augustine, FL (11.20.2018)

The Gang – St. Augustine, FL (11.20.2018)

All Smiles!  I Can’t Wait To See My Family!  (11.20.2018)

“All of us crammed into a single booth, all smiles…we had made it almost to the end. Some were more tanned than others. All were thinner and healthy-looking.”

Bus Station – Roger (l), Rylee ‘Wild Birdie’ (c), & Garth (r) – Portland, OR (5.30.2019)

The start of the 2019 Trans America Bike Race.  Astoria, OR (6.2.2019)

Approaching Santiam Pass, Oregon (6.4.2019)

Jackson, MT (6.12.2019)

Grizzly Sighting in Yellowstone National Park, WY (6.14.2019)

A Lonely Pronghorn.  Wind River Indian Reservation, Fort Washakie, WY (6.16.2019)

Dillon, MT (6.13.2019)

Old Faithful – Yellowstone National Park, WY (6.15.2019)

Grand Teton, WY (6.15.2019)

“Two thoughts entered my mind. First, I would never see most of these people ever again. Second, Pace myself, ride my race, and only my race. It’s all about the finish.”

The Rocky Mountains!  Ennis, MT (6.14.2019)

Conquered the Rockies!  Looking West from Hoosier Pass, CO (6.20.2019)

Highway 96 near Sterling, KS (6.24.2019)

Chester, IL (6.29.2019)

Christiansburg, VA (7.7.2019)

Trails Angels, Jean & John – Williamsburg, VA (7.10.2019)

Newton Bike Shop, KS (6.25.2019)

The Appalachian Mountains near Hindman, KY (7.4.2019)

Trail Angel Dave (R) inside The Cookie Lady’s House Afton, VA (7.8.2019)

Son, Brian; Wife, Kelley (Holding Bradley); Niece, Erin – Yorktown, VA (7.10.2019)

Rolf Greeted Me At The Finish – (7.10.2019)

After 7,300 miles, Tank is Ready for a Rest Break! (7.10.2019)

“Quickly, my nostalgia turned to uneasiness when I looked up toward
the east end of town at the angry, snowcapped, jagged-
edge peaks of the Rocky Mountains.”