A Few Of My Thoughts About Cycling

by | Jul 30, 2023 | Cycling, memoir, Travel Adventure, Writing Community

Over the past two years, I’ve given many presentations about my bike rides and inevitably talked about lessons learned from the heartland. 

I’ve been part of teams responsible for driving business results for much of my adult working life. Establishing a vision, strategy, goal setting, handling objections, and many other vital activities is necessary-important work that helps point teams in the right direction. Not until I completed the Trans Am Bike Race did I genuinely appreciate how crucial conviction and ownership are in leading to a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling journey. 

Cycling is much like leading a team. Both require a combination of parts that must work together. If any ‘part’ is broken, it’s not much fun to continue riding. Adjusting on the fly, overcoming obstacles and unforeseen challenges while in perpetual motion, even if the pace varies, nailing these principles can lead to a successful result. 

My handlebars steered me toward my objective; the Yorktown Victory Monument. My vision, that clear image of riding to the base of the monument, lit the fire inside for me to never give up. 

Lessons From the Road: #7“Keep Eye on the Prize, but Don’t Let it Consume You.”

The joy of the journey is the focus of this video—celebrating small victories. Reflecting and appreciating the moment is vital to maintaining motivation and a positive outlook. 

I’m often asked, “what’s your favorite state?”

My answer: Oregon

I rode through history and passed by crystal clear rivers described in the journals of Lewis and Clark. I scaled Santiam Pass and the snowcapped Cascade Mountains. I descended into Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest River Gorge. And I met some cool folks who always welcomed me into their community. 

Enjoy this short ride reel from the road!

Roger and Larry soaking up the Oregon sunshine – June 2019

Adventure Travel Series Book #2