Fun in Michigan!

by | Apr 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

What do Ann Arbor, Rochester Hills, West Bloomfield, and Birmingham, Michigan all have in common?

First of all, the cities are a long, long way from New Jersey!

But since I arrived in the “Wolverine State” on April 3rd, I’ve had a wonderful experience presenting my cycling and publishing story to All Seasons Senior Living residents at four independent living community centers.

I loved all the questions. What was your favorite state? How did you find food? Did you get lost? Were you ever frightened by the heavy traffic? Did you see animals? Did dogs attack you? Did you lose weight? Would you do it again? And many, many, more.

Before I began each talk, I told the audience I had two goals. I hoped they found my story interesting. Second, that the hour with me was well worth their time.

A few pictures. A few funny and entertaining stories.

And the icing on the cake! A family reunion! My wife’s sister, Jackie (featured image) cousins, niece and husband attended the talks.

Next up…Central Jersey Bike Club on April 11th.

All Seasons West Bloomfield, Michigan
Screen-Atlantic Ocean – Ceremonial Dipping Tire in the Ocean.