Journey Through Time. A Trip Down Memory Lane

by | Jan 1, 2024 | Uncategorized

October 3, 1986 – Fort Polk, LA – Home of the 5th Infantry Division (Mech)

Sorting through old belongings often becomes routine after settling into a new home. For reasons unknown, certain items remain packed in boxes move after move—guilty as charged.

It’s also an opportune time for decluttering. Why I held onto piles of paperwork from past house closings, drowning in legalese, remains beyond me. But our move from New Jersey to Virginia prompted new thinking.  Perhaps less storage space had something to do with it.

Then, there are those boxes filled with nostalgic items that, when opened, transport you back in time. Before you realize it, an hour slips by, consumed by memories.

Yesterday morning, December 31st, I stumbled upon a box. Within it, a weathered, yellow, and fragile paper caught my eye.

With age, I’ve grown to appreciate my tenure in the military and service to our country more. Initially, I joined for the allure of travel and a paycheck. Major Webb, the Bucknell University ROTC Department Head, told me I could continue playing basketball in the Army. That was the clincher. 

Frankly, I don’t believe thoughts of patriotism were at the forefront; it simply felt like a practical decision back then.

Apparently, I did have reverence for the flag. On October 3, 1986, an article in the Fort Polk newspaper the Guardian, titled “Flag Represents Values of America,” and another titled “Flag Merits Respect,” struck a chord. For some unknown reason, I felt compelled to preserve them for posterity’s sake.

As the New Year begins, I extend wishes for a Happy New Year and express gratitude to all who serve our remarkable country.