Never too old to learn new tricks!

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Why we do what we do.

Well, I like trying different things and riding my bike across the country and writing a book about the experience just seemed really cool.

Playing basketball was always number one. Hitting that winning shot, or grabbing that defensive board to help seal the victory. The crowd rises and goes wild. Knowing the hard work paid off fueled my mind and body to work harder.

A college graduate…what do I do now?

My seven years serving our great nation was next. The life experiences. The places I saw. The people I met. The memories. Serving alongside my fellow comrades helped shape the person I am today.

A thirty year corporate career followed. Fulfilling. Rewarding. Different. I worked along side friends for life.

What’s next?

Long-distance bike riding began as a way to find a new purpose, new adventure after corporate life had run its course.

So why the book?

I wanted to experience what 81 percent of people in a 2002 survey reported by Joseph Epstein, “…they wanted to write a book someday.”

So I did.

A sense of pride overwhelmed me on September 22, 2021 when my first book, Suit to Saddle was released.

Also, a bit anxious. Will people read it? If they do what will they think? I was exposing my writing skills and didn’t shy away from personal challenges.

And then, the feedback. From friends and family. Petro for the soul. And just two days ago, this Amazon Review”…this is just good storytelling that we can all get behind, especially those of us who have been around the block a few times…”

We all find our own path. Some sooner than others. A wise man once said, “If you dig it, do it. If you dig it alot, do it again.”-Jim Croce.

Two bike rides across America. Two books to share the unique experience.

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Forty to Finish (Coming soon)