One Step Closer to Publication!

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

For me, the writing process is all about discipline and routine.

The discipline to stay at it. Day in and day out. From morning to late evening-lots of breaks in between. Out for a jog. A trip to the store for groceries. Carve out time to watch my son’s basketball game and / or a track meet.

The routine. Pictures, maps, notes laid in front of me; computer screen and keyboard completing the ensemble. The story. Just write. And write some more. The beginning clear in my mind. The ending, not so much. Is there tension? If not, create it. Reflections about the past, and teasing what’s up ahead. The characters. Do they add dimension? Conflict? They should. Is there a transformation taking place that pulls the reader along. I hope so. Isn’t that the point? To delight the reader. Keep turning pages. The story arc. The plot unfolds, thickens, reaches a peak, conflict resolved and then the story ends.

And then the professional editor reviews the manuscript. I went through every comment with a fine tooth comb.

I donned my Trans Am Bike Race cycling shirt and 2019 race cap. Snapped a picture of my completed manuscript ready for round two edits. Nearing the end of my writing journey and completion of Forty to Finish! Can’t wait!