The ‘Wisdom’ that Leads to Jackson, Montana (pop. 38)

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Cycling, memoir, Travel Adventure, Writing Community

What can I do with hundreds of pictures, hours of video, and countless anecdotes? 

I thought about it a lot. And then I did the math. 

What if I write a monthly newsletter – each edition highlighting a different town?

I call it America Up Close-One Small Slice of America at a Time.

I keep it short, about a 2-3 minute read.

I add a little history, including images, and recount personal stories.

I pondered. With 528 towns to write about, I’ll have 44 years’ worth of material!!! 

It will be tons of fun creating each edition. My mind will travel back in time, reliving the memories from the heartland. Similar to publishing, writing each feature will be gratifying. 

But what then? How do I create buzz? Get the word out? 

Build a website? Sure thing.

Join the social media craze? Unthinkable a few years before. But now, it made sense.

Yup. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Twitter…not so sure about this one. Time will tell. 

Writing and publishing Suit to Saddle and Forty to Finish was very challenging, but satisfying.

That’s so cool! The thought that entered my mind when I saw Suit to Saddle was first available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other platforms.

I wasn’t working a regular job then, in 2019. My days were consumed with sitting in front of the computer and writing, writing, and writing. Over 6.5 million words.

Now I am back to work at a ‘regular job.’ One that enables me to continue writing.

Snapshots from the saddle shape the content for America Up Close.

Read the Bubble below. A teaser about the March edition of America Up Close.

While at it, read about a few other one-stoplight towns that gave life to earlier editions.

The Bunkhouse Hotel – Jackson, Montana (My Home For a Night)