Forty to Finish


Embark on a cross-country cycling adventure in this exciting sequel that finds author Larry Walsh on yet another solo trek across America. Here, Walsh brings readers along for the ride of a lifetime: 4,200 miles, cutting across ten states, from Oregon to Virginia. The Trans Am Bike Race is so grueling that less than 300 solo riders in the last decade have crossed the finish line. But Walsh did just that. Reaching the Yorktown Victory Monument, however, is just a small part of this tale.

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In this inspiring follow-up to Suit to Saddle, we find Walsh a year removed from his fortuitous layoff that spurred his first cross-country voyage of self-discovery. This time we join the Army veteran on another exhilarating pilgrimage that’s sure to reawaken that long-dormant sense of adventure, broaden horizons, and challenge the default notions of the American people.

All the while, Walsh inspires readers to reconnect with their own goals and ambitions, proving that even the most daunting journey is possible with determination and faith. Meet colorful folks from across the country as Walsh cycles through over 300 towns, and experience the ever-changing countryside, from scaling mountains to pedaling through sacred Native lands. This love letter to the American road is sure to light a fire and set readers on the course for their own unforgettable journey. For anyone feeling obsolete or past their prime, Walsh proves it’s never too late to start the race of a lifetime.

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